Valais Blacknose Society Portal Now Live on Sell My Livestock! 


We are super excited to announce that an official Valais Blacknose Society (VBS) advertising portal has just launched on Sell My Livestock (SML): 


To advertise you must be a VBS Gold Member and need a personal Sell My Livestock account to create your listing. The VBS portal can be accessed via the main SML website or ‘The Society’ tab on the VBS website.  


When creating your listing please remember to include the key information outlined below and adhere to the VBS advertising criteria: 

  • The word ‘Pedigree’ in listing titles
  • Society membership number
  • Multiple images showing all angles of the sheep
  • Pedigree certificate


Advertising criteria: 

  • Advertisers must be VBS Gold members 
  • All stock for sale must be registered pedigree animals and meet breed standards
  • Wether & castrated Spitti male adverts permitted
  • Lambs must be weaned prior to advertising
  • Unsexed semen sales permitted
  • No crossbreed adverts


*Please note that all adverts will be verified to the best of VBS’s ability prior to publishing to manage authenticity, however VBS takes no responsibility for the pedigree/registered status of the animals advertised on this page. It is advised that potential buyers ascertain and verify pedigree breeding certificates from sellers prior to purchase.   


Happy buying & selling!