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Donator of the Supreme Champion Trophy & Class Prizes:


Established in 1965, Tomintoul Distillery is located in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park, just outside Tomintoul, the highest village in the Highlands of Scotland.  The area surrounding Tomintoul Distillery is one of astounding natural beauty. This natural environment combined with the fresh mountain air of the Cairngorms, the soft, pure water from the Ballantruan spring and the tall and mighty stills of Tomintoul, all contribute to creating our exceptionally smooth and well-balanced whisky, famously known as “the gentle dram”.

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Class 1: Ram 2-3 years old

Home to the Black Beauties Champion ram 2017, Usk Valley Valais Blacknose Sheep is the ideal breeder to either start a quality flock or pick additions to aid you breeding program. Both ewe and ram Lambs, Shearlings and breeding age Rams are always available from our extensive stock. Based in the beautiful Monmouthshire countryside we can deliver anywhere in the UK if required. Full pre and after sale advice is available from our years of experience working with this wonderful breed.


Class 2:  Ram 18-24 months
The Moorahill Flock – Our hill farm is nestled in the beautiful fells of the Lake District national park 1350 feet above sea level. We have been breeding valais blacknose sheep since 2015 .  Our emphasis is on a naturally bred quality flock . All our lambs/sheep are sired by top award winning maximum point Swiss bloodline tups which include – Westmorland Dancer overall male champion 2016 at BB and reserve supreme champion 2016 at BB , our home bred maximum point tup Moorahill Elvis 2018 at BB , Prendwick Invinsible Male reserve champion 2021 at BB , awarded Maximum points 2022 at BB .  Highland George sired by Highland Eric Supreme overall champion at BB in 2018 .
We have lambs and wool for sale throughout the year , anyone interested in lambs is advised to go on our waiting list.  We are passionate about the breed and our aim is to upkeep the pure Swiss standard , we are always  happy to educate and help people who are thinking of starting their own valais flock.
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Class 3: Ram 12-18 months

The Valais Blacknose Society of North America (VBSANA) was formed in 2017 by sheep breeders Wendy Artzt and Dr. Cindy Brasfield, USDA veterinarian. Together Wendy and Cindy have 20 years of Breed Registry experience and 40 years of sheep breeding experience.

The goal of VBSANA is to maintain the wonderful Valais Blacknose Sheep type and genetics that the Swiss have worked so hard to perfect over several centuries. VBSANA is managed according to the rules of the Valais Blacknose Sheep Society UK and the Swiss Oberwalliser Schwarznasenzuchtverband,

For the past 4 years, VBSANA has educated prospective breeders and members about the Valais Blacknose breed in order to preserve the unique Swiss type and produce premium quality North American stock.

The role of VBSANA is to record/register the offspring produced by breeding up or importation, to create standards as to what is acceptable in a Valais Blacknose Registry, and support breeders in introducing this new breed to North America.



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Class 4:  Ram 8 -12 months old.


Class 5:  Ram 6-8 lamb Months Old

The Teton Valley Sheep Company (TVBSC) was launched in 2017 by Wendy Artzt and Dr. Cindy Brasfield to import Valais Blacknose semen to North America acting as agent for Valais Blacknose Scotland.  TVBSC is a leading importer of Valais Blacknose frozen semen and embryos from the UK and New Zealand.  Wendy has been a leading frozen semen importer since 2006. Dr. Brasfield was a USDA veterinarian who supervised the importation of livestock from South Africa, New Zealand and Peru. Cindy exported her own purebred sheep throughout Central America.

TVBSC imports frozen semen and embryos from the best Valais Blacknose bloodlines and breeders in Switzerland.  In 2020 TVBSC partnered with Highland Valais to bring Highland’s best Swiss genetics to North America via New Zealand.  Most UK based embryo donors had been awarded Maximum Points. Highland Valais Blacknose has been awarded the most number of Maximum Points outside of Switzerland.

TVBSC imports and breeds using only Maximum Points genetics.



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Class 6:  Ram lamb 4-6 months

Huts in the Hills – Luxury Shepherds Huts.  Set in the heart of Northumberland, under the dark skies and in the rolling countryside. Each of our exclusive shepherds huts offer boutique accommodation in their own secluded area with spectacular views of Northumberland, an outdoor fire pit for alfresco dining as well as an antique outdoor bath to relax in after a day walking in the hills. Meet our flock of Valais Blacknose sheep that graze in the fields surrounding our huts.

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  Class 7:  Ewe 2-3 years old

From the Alps of Switzerland to the heart of Cheshire, we are a passionate team who have always had a love for animals from an early age. Steve Dace the Proprietor of Valais Blacknose Sheep Cheshire got his bug for Poultry at the age of 6 years old growing up on a smallholding with about 6 acres of land and it was always his goal from then to have land when he was older.Now a good few years older and now has a family that are willing to get their hands dirty, especially for lambing time and the shows! Valais Blacknose Sheep Cheshire now have over 45 acres of land in the heart of Cheshire where they have built up a large Valais Blacknose flock.

Along with sheep Steve also keeps Valais Blackneck Goats that are also from Switzerland and have fantastic personalities and also specialises in Laced Wyandotte Chickens and Sebastopol Geese which he exhibits at National and Federation Shows.

At Valais Blacknose Sheep Cheshire we have EwesRamslambs and Semen for sale. For more information  please get in touch.

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Class 8:  Ewe 18-24 months old

The Goldies Valais Blacknose flock was established in May 2016 to complement our other pedigree enterprises of Limousin cattle, Texel and Zwartbles sheep which date back to 1977.  All stock at our farm, Townfoot near Dumfries in Scotland are High Health and export qualified.   Our pedigree enterprises on our family farm are ran by Bruce and Linda alongside their children Thomas and Isla.   The Goldies Valais Blacknose flock has successfully sold sheep all around the UK and Eire.  Semen has been sent to the USA, Canada and Norway and embryos have been exported to New Zealand.  We have been fortunate to have many repeat customers in all these countries.

Facebook pages- Goldies Valais Blacknose SheepGoldies Limousins and Texels ~ Bruce Linda Goldie

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Class 9:  Ewe 12-18 Months

Established in 2019 Windfold Farm are a small rare breed hobby farm situated in the north east of Scotland where their premise is to provide a loving and caring home to all of their animals where they can lead a happy life in the country.  Windfold Farm have an online farm shop with everything from activity books to chutney, animal sales and an online blog with all things farming.






Class 10:  Ewe lamb 8-12 months old

Horsemill Valais Blacknose is based near to the famous Gretna Green village with views over the Solway in one direction and the Lake District in the other.   In 2015 we were already breeding commercial sheep and Claire, my daughter, was working full time on our smallholdings whilst I continued working as a nurse. May 2015 and our first Valais Blacknose ewes and lambs arrived. Over the years we have slowly built up our flock . During our visits to other breeders, we have gained and shared knowledge and built many lasting friendships.  Our first Valais Blacknose lambs were born in 2016 and that was the year we first showed our ram lambs at the Blacknose Beauties Show in Carlisle, where we continue to show our sheep each year. We currently have a flock of 58 pedigree Valais sheep. All of our lambs are naturally bred and from pure Swiss bloodlines. Our lambs for this year are due in August and September.  Along with sheep, we also keep Standard and Miniature donkeys, Call Ducks and Peafowl.  It’s been a great journey so far and one we continue to enjoy…..

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Class 11: Ewe Lamb 6-8 months.

The Fellview Flock was established by Chris and Victoria Dixon and their son James. We are based in West Cumbria and our flock enjoy views of the Ennerdale and Wasdale Lake District fells.  We are passionate about the Valais Blacknose breed and we are founding members of the Northern Club.  You can follow our adventures on Instagram and Facebook @fellview_valaisbalcknose, or contact us on 07983155419 /

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Class 12:  Ewe lamb 4-6 months

Formed in 2006, based on a small farm in North Yorkshire Specialist Marine Consultants has fifteen years of experience in Offshore Renewable Energy and Oil & Gas sectors. From the outset, SMC has been involved in Vessel and Asset Inspections, Marine Coordination and HSEQ across these sectors, globally. Since then, SMC has become a market leader in supplying specialist services to the Offshore Renewable energy sector across an array of projects globally.  With offices in the UK, Netherlands and Taiwan.

SMC specialists have a wealth of experience working in the Offshore Renewable energy, Marine, Utilities and Oil & Gas sectors. This experience gives our Clients insights and skills that result in strong safety practices, a lower rate of incidents and cost-efficient projects.

At SMC we believe in offering our clients a superior service. In order to maintain this standard, we undergo a cycle of continuous improvement via feedback and implementation. Honesty and integrity are paramount to our business.  We gain clients’ trust by being clear in the way we do business and taking responsibility for our actions. We believe we can use all our experience and knowledge of the industry to help our clients on a project by project basis and therefore provide them with the best possible service.

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Young Handlers Age 8 & Under

Young Handlers Age 9 & Over

Crookedstane is a traditional hill farm at 1000 ft above sea level in the Clyde Valley, situated amongst the Lowther hills. We are supporters of the Valais Blacknose Sheep Society UK and are active in it’s running and organisation of the annual show and sale.
Our Valais Blacknose sheep are MV accredited as well as vaccinated and medicated to a high veterinary standard. We also breed strictly to the Society breed standards, this helps ensure the continuation of this rare breed of Swiss sheep.
We sell stock and wool throughout the UK and will export where regulations allow. Please contact Jemma Knowles-Brown for any further details.