With the lovely weather we have been having over the last couple of days here is this weeks top tips on the dreaded Fly Strike 🦟☀️🐏

Don’t take any chances especially when sheep are in full fleece for showing during the Summer months. As soon as the weather starts to warm up take measures to protect your flock against fly strike. Particular areas to watch are around the sheep’s horns, their hooves, and around their rear ends. If you do spot any signs of fly strike (flies buzzing around and landing on a particular area of a sheep or if you can already see eggs and/or maggots) immediately clean and treat the infected area accordingly. 
Top tip always remove any wet/dry faeces caught up in fleece around rear end this is blowflies favourite environment to live in. 

Signs of fly strike :-

Nibbling area/irritated and wool loss around affected area