VBS Oxfordshire took 6 2016 VBS lambs to the Kent County Show and was very pleased to be awarded 2nd Place for a pen of 3 ram lambs, 3rd place in Any Other Breed Class, 3rd Place in a Group of 3, 4th in the Long Wool Class (out of 14 entries) and 4th in the Fleece (Longwool with lustre) Competition. Interestingly this fleece was a ‘winter’ fleece (Oct to Mar) and still managed to get placed out of numerous fleeces. We joined the parade on the Friday (MV Accredited Sheep only) and took all 6 lambs out with the help of the Hadlow College students, great sight bringing up the rear with their bells on. Enjoyable three day show all-round with permanent sheep pens, on-site camping, a super friendly group of exhibitors, not to mention the free breakfasts thrown in by the show organisers!