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Did you know that Swiss Bells are symbols of traditional folklore, offer protection, happiness and are a sign of peace? During the times of war bells were gathered from churches and pastures and used to make cannons and weapons. During peacetime, the war machines were once again melted and poured into bells and peace was rung in.

Bell founders work in all four language regions of Switzerland producing two types of bells, bronze bells, which are cast in moulds, and steel bells that are hammered into shape. Some designs feature religious motifs, prayers, animals, flowers or other images. These symbols express beliefs and hopes, but also fears. By using bells with religious motifs, farmers are protecting their flocks through faith. 

The practice of attaching bells to animals date back to the early days of livestock rearing. Bells were hung on cows, goats, sheep, horses and even elephants as a sign that the animal was domesticated.

Today the sound of bells reverberating through Swiss pastures signals the presence of animals grazing and enables shepherds to locate their herds in the fog, at night and deep in the ravines. The sudden ringing of bells also warns of danger, while the rhythmic clanging soothes the herd.

Cattle bells are available in various sizes and suitable for most livestock making them a desirable option for Valais Blacknose Sheep.